Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mayael the Anima Alter

Good afternoon!

I've tried to find a nice layout for this blog so I changed it to this one to make it easier to manage.  Unfortunately there are still a couple issues (like my YouTube thumbnails in another post being way too big) but other than that it seems to work well!

Here is one of the Mayael's I've worked on in the past:

I used some iridescent mica (which shifted from pink and purple to blue) on the white outlines:

There's more texture in this piece especially with the added mica layers.  I really liked how this one turned out!

Here are some photos of it while it was still a work in progress:

For the pose I used my webcam to take a photo of myself holding a crumpled up ball of tissue, and then I altered the photo in Paint to add Mayael's features and to figure out the placement of details.

I believe the colours used in this were titanium white, carbon black, a hint of magenta and pthalo blue (I use Windsor Blue a lot in paintings).  Most of my paint products are either Golden acrylics, Winsor and Newton's Galeria line, and some Liquitex.

For cleanup I like to put a layer of my topcoat on and go over it with a toothpick once it is pretty dry but not completely set.  I find that it works much better for me than just trying to scratch off the paint by itself.  However it does mean that there will be topcoat on the card, and not everyone likes putting topcoat on their cards.  So find what works best for you! 😄

Sometimes things don't clean up as well as I would like.  I let clients know beforehand that I will have a glossy topcoat on my card so they don't get surprised.

Have a great afternoon!


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